A ESAG participou na seleção regional do PEJ que teve lugar em Viseu de 24 a 26 de novembro.
Eis o testemunho dos nossos alunos:
“EYP is this amazing experince of sharing, meeting new people, growing and helping on the construction a better Europe for all.
In these past three days we had the opportunity to discuss important issues of today’s European society, to be a better “us” to increase our cultural knowlege and to have a lot of fun.
Being a good citizen is also contributing to the growth of society and it was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to do it.
We can’t imagine doing this without each other, although we’re all in different committees, we’re pretty sure that we were the best delegation in Viseu 2017.
We had the chance to debate themes like :
– Refugees’ situation
– Circular economy
– Food waste
– Housing market
– Homelessness
– Human Rights
Now we’re looking foward to getting selected to the National Conference so that we can keep working towards a better Europe while having a lot of fun”.
Ashley Silva
Bernardo Lourenço
Carolina Teixeira
Diogo Oliveira
Mariana Meira
Simão Pinho